Your GPS location, any disabilities, Covid status, and your situation are encoded into four easy numbers.


Local Groups are located on the map where friends and neighbours can chat and stay informed.


Post your SOS directly onto the World Map with an icon and description of your situation.

GoTellus Geo-Social

Website Version

GoTellus is a Covid-Aware Social Platform where users can connect and chat.


You can also encode your current GPS location and if you have any disabilities, recently vaccinated and if you are feeling poorly at the moment – all into four numbers or words.


Please follow this link to the visit our Web App version:


GoTellus Web Application

This is still a work in progress so please be kind.

Post Your Location in less than 2 minutes

Online SOS displayed on the Map

Post your SOS Situation directly onto the World Map.


You may be in a country or place without access to local emergency services.


Your GPS location and relevant information are encoded into your 4 number location.


If you or someone you know are being held, use the form to indicate how many bad guys, how many victims, and if the bad guys are armed or nearby.


You can also add photos, videos, and audio recordings.

Unique Features

  • My4numbers Geo-Location

    Turn your GPS location, any disabilities, and your current situation into four easy numbers. More..

  • GPS Words

    Turn your GPS location, any disabilities, and your current situation into four easy words.

  • Geo-Social Network

    Connect and Share with Family, Friends and Neighbours. Go Website Version

  • Speech Assistant

    If you are Deaf or cannot Speak, let the Speech Assistant say your Location numbers or words

  • Built-In Dictionary

    Tap on any GPS Word for the built-in Dictionary Modal – Speech enabled to help say the word and read the definition.

  • Privacy is Paramount

    Register with only your first name, and comment annonymously

  • Location Codes

    Your location and situation into 4 words or numbers

  • Disabilities

    If you are deaf, blind or cannot walk then select which to encode into your location words

  • SARS-Covid-19

    Select if you have the virus, and if you are vaccinated to encode into your location words

  • Neighbours

    Look on the map and select a friendly neighbourhood chat group

  • Community Work

    Create or Join a local Community Action Group to help repair and rebuild your neighbourhoods

  • Friends and Family

    Connect with your family so your can send them your location easily if you have a problem

Available Soon on App Store and Google Play

A New and Fresh Geo-Social Media Platform

Helping the Environment

Tree's and Fauna

Record onto the app where you have planted a tree, and which type

Streams and Rivers

Report any pollution by selecting the location on the map, and add a photo or video


If you plant or rebuild a natural habitat, share your hard work on GoTellus

Caring and Sharing

GoTellus is an ideal platform for people to share their hard work trying to make this a healthy Planet

Help if you are Deaf or cannot Speak

Say My4numbers Location

Auto-Speak your Location Numbers in various languages

Say your GPS Words

Speech for your GPS Word Location and the built-in Word Dictionary – practice perfect pronunciation

Morse Code Translator

Transmit your Location numbers and words by Morse Code. Ideal for Personal Mobile Radio or Vibration

Introducing Smart Zones

Create a Smart Zone at any GPS Location.
Users can Virtually Sign In or Out as they visit.


Smart Zones offer users handy features.

For example..


Hotels :
Room Service, Taxi, Food, Messaging


Public Places :
Request Help, Report Something


Work Sites :
Request Stock, Foreman or Help


Camp Sites :
Shop Orders, Site Manager, Events


Home Zone :
Feeding Times, Health, Security


Zone Management


Notification as users enter or leave site.

Overview showing how many Visitors and Statistics.

Go GoTellus Web App on Web Version

GoTellus App coming soon!

The Geo-Social Network connecting families, friends and neighbours

Apps in Development

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