What is My4numbers?

My 4 numbers are a series of four x 5 digit numbers, for example, 12345 67890 12345 67890

The first three numbers relate to the GPS location and the fourth number contains encoded information relevant to the user’s current situation. This can anything from an Emergency SOS to the location of a newly planted tree. This number can also be used to encode very specific information essential to those responding.

Where did this originate?

This started as a tool where users could indicate on a map if they see something of concern. The dream would be that the map is monitored by world wide emergency services who can respond accordingly – another tool for these guys and maybe a method of opening up a line of communication for someone in a desperate situation.

With SOS alerts – the user has the ability to include crucial information about their current situation. Such as the type of incident or accident, how many people involved, if the injured party is disabled, covid symptoms, recent vaccine plus their GPS location – and as numbers are fairly universal across different countries. It’s easier to say 52052, which is translated into other languages through the browser speech processor or the App.

For Data Analysis, this also allows for a simple query to display all the records for any specific environmental or humanitarian condition.

Device Accuracy

Most handheld devices do have an amount of variance when receiving a GPS signal for normal outdoor operation, although if one has encoded an accurate GPS location, this can easily be found using a detailed planning map and a scale ruler. Planning maps rely on GPS coordinates, as do Ordnance Survey and other maps.

The My4numbers Algorithm

The my4numbers algorithm consists of a formula for the 1st number to encapsulate the whole number parts of both Longitude and Latitude. The 2nd and 3rd numbers are simply the decimals of the given GPS coordinates, and the fourth number relates to the situation.