What is GoTellus.net ?

Tellus is Latin for Earth, and GoTellus is a network where anyone can ‘go’ and share their own, personal efforts towards helping this planet to repair itself. We are a Geo-Social network, where members can click on the map and highlight what work they have done. You can also mark area’s of concern that you might find, so others may be able to repair and replenish disease or termite ridden forests and woodland. Schools and Colleges can record their efforts cleaning up their surrounding countryside, and so can the teams of volunteers who give up their free time to collect rubbish – they can also indicate on the map and share their hard work, using a platform that gives others the opportunity to show their appreciation back and basically say thankyou.

Help for People

At any location on the planet, the situation is very different for people. Some are suffering, trapped, held hostage, held for sale, dying, lost or suffering from mental health issues. Everyone needs help, and on GoTellus, someone can indicate what is happening and where. This not only puts a flag on the map telling the whole world. This also opens up a line of communication for that person.

Plant a Tree

Whenever you plant tree’s or a hedge, or just tidy and maintain them. Simply select where on the map, and tell everyone a little bit about what you have done. If you have planted a tree, you can attach an online growth chart so you and others, can monitor and maintain the trees in the future.

Environmental Work

On GoTellus you create an “EcoZone” at a location, on which you can show all the work from you and your team or volunteers. You can also show before and after photo’s, along with any fundraising notices which you could post on there to raise the public interest in what you are doing.

For businesses and organisations, it really is important to show what efforts you have gone to, in order to run an eco-friendly operation. Only post the work that has been done and not the plans ‘to-do’ – just the stuff that’s active and working. If you are planning to do something revolutionary, terrific! but please do it first before posting about it.

Community Life

Members can create a ‘Community Care Zone’ for their area, on which only people living within the area can post. By default, all your comments and posts are anonymous to anyone else other than your friends. In your area, members can sell items, advertise trades such as builder, gardener etc., and keep things local. For security and personal protection, each member can call for help, and this will be sent to all members of the care zone. Imagine if your neighbour had fallen and you didn’t know.


As a hotel, you can create a ‘Care Zone’ which will connect you to each of your guests. As a guest sign’s into a room, they tell the app and you can see an overall view of all your rooms, who is disabled or has special needs. Who is deaf, in case of a fire and other information such as if anyone feels corona like, and who has been vaccinated without asking awkward questions. You can promote offers, inform everyone breakfast is open or alert guests for anything else.

A guest doesn’t really need to have the app because you could install the app on a device and attach it to the wall of each room. Instant hotel wide communication.

Workplace – Covid Restrictions

On GoTellus, indicate where you would like to place your ‘Work Care Zone’ and activate it. If your workplace has several sub-locations, add those
Now as workers or staff arrive, they can virtually sign in and state where they will be working. This gives an overall view of who is where, covid status etc., along with statistical data for time spent, jobs done etc. When the member leaves, they can leave feedback rating about their visit.

The app allows for each worker to be validated as onsite, during their visit. This is performed by the member selected ‘work id’ on the GoTellus menu and the staff member scanning your id on their phone. Now the user is validated and can use the rest of the menu options.

Public Open Spaces – Care Zone

Create a Public Open Space Care Zone on GoTellus which is ideal for anything from a small park to one of the Peaks in the Peak District. When members sign in to the zone, you can monitor their condition and even communicate directly with anyone in difficulty. Their GPS is recorded and you can respond immediately. The member can send a photo or a video of something as it happens. You can also notify everyone if the park is closing or some other change.

Singular life

Not everyone has friends on Facebook, and sometimes you could be too embarrassed to talk to someone you know. On GoTellus, your name is unknown whilst still asking for help or just talking things through.


Today feels like a pinnacle moment in the progress of human evolution, as though the whole world is suddenly engaged and focused on changing our ways and improving life for nature and the future success of this planet.